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Low Carb Cafe

about us . . .

Good Food is a low carb cafe, 2 food carts, and a full catering service in Madison, WI, since early 2010. Serving you healthy and delicious real food is our mission. We specialize in delicious low carb salads, lettuce "tacos", wraps, and soups. At the cafe, we've added low carb zoodle bowls, "fathead flatbreads", and other tasty low carb offerings to the menu.

Besides our low carb wheat tortilla wrap option, you will find an entirely gluten free and grain free menu! Also: Here you'll find no added sugars of any kind, including agave, honey, syrups, or fruit concentrates. 

We source produce locally during Wisconsin's growing season - mostly from Ralleigh's Hillside Farm.

In late 2015, I met Kory, a very low-carb eating, 5 time Ironman finisher and nutrition counselor who turned into the love of my life. :) Thanks to him showing me how to eat, I reversed the pre-diabetes I didn't even know I had in 2015,  I effortlessly lost 20lbs, and I cleared up the acne that had lingered into my 30's.. A Low Carb lifestyle has been life-changing for both of us, which is why the two of us are beyond excited to open Good Food - Low Carb Cafe together, on April 3, 2017. 

We hope to serve you and your loved ones Good Food soon! Come check us out!


Best of Madison