Out with the Noodle, In with the Zoodle

For many, the start of the New Year symbolizes a fresh start. Some may shake their heads at this, but I love a good reason to reevaluate my life. If you had to pick one word to summarize your 2018 what would it be? Do you want that same word to summarize your 2019 as well? The great news is that YOU have total control over how you let this next year effect you. Of course, there will always be outlying situations that you cannot control. But if you put in the effort and self-love- you can become the version of yourself that you deserve.

Let me tell you- last year I was not what I would consider the best version of myself, but I was definitely improving from my 2017 self. Sure, 2018 was full of gratitude, love, and hard work. It was also full of too many cheat meals followed by regret and frustration. But let’s not spend too much time focusing on what was but what is to come. The key to sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions is having the right resources. We need to surround ourselves with people of like minds and form that sense of community. With the right community, comes accountability and knowledge.

When I first started working at Good Food Low Carb Café, I was working the cash register an early September evening and there were only two people in the whole café. An elderly man and woman sitting at tables next to each other. The atmosphere here is unlike any café I have ever seen. You will rarely find people staring at their glowing screens while silence fills the open space. No, this café is filled with chatter between new friends as well as longtime companions. These two strangers slowly started to exchange their life stories and after about 10 minutes, two tables became one. Over the next hour the café filled with laughter, tears, and a sense of rejuvenation between the two.

Not everyone who comes to the café is on the Keto diet but many are. Whether you are counting carbs or just trying to eat a healthy meal- we are here for you. If you have a question about the Keto diet- ask it. If you are feeling off track- do not fret because I can guarantee someone else is in the same boat as you. So come on in, enjoy a delicious meal and whether you converse with those around you or grab one of our many low carb lifestyle books on the wall- let the Good Food Low Carb Café be a resource for you.